How to get your religion out to people in a way that makes them like you

A study of the religion of Tom Cruise has revealed that the actor’s devotion to the religion may be a way to get people to like him.

The study by researchers at Princeton University, published Monday, showed that religious fervor may be “a way to promote positive self-image and increase social support” and “a valuable tool for social cohesion.”

The study is one of many studies that have been looking at the influence of religion on society.

The researchers looked at the responses of 3,000 adults between the ages of 18 and 35 who are asked to rate their religious belief and identify their level of religiosity.

They found that the more religious people are, the more likely they are to have positive self image, feel that others like them, and be socially cohesive.

Religion has been shown to increase social cohesion, according to the study.

The research team also examined how religion affects perceptions of religion and the role religion plays in helping people understand themselves and others.

It found that “religiousness appears to be a predictor of how religious people perceive themselves and their community,” and how religious individuals are perceived by others.

According to the researchers, the study shows that religion and spirituality are not simply a matter of a person’s faith, but also a matter that can be improved upon through social communication and engagement.

They also noted that the findings suggest that it’s possible to create a more effective communication strategy to get religious people to embrace and support one another.

The results of the study will be published in the January issue of the journal Religion and Society.