How to convert your religious beliefs to Christianity

When I was 16, I was baptized into the Catholic Church.

I was raised as a devout Catholic, and I was always taught that it was important to follow the rules of the Church, that we should follow the pope.

But after a year of living in the Muslim world, I began to doubt this.

I began reading the Qur’an, which I thought was the most important book in the world.

And I read all the Islamic scriptures, even the most extreme ones, and they were not the words of God, they were the words written by men.

The Qur’ans and the traditions of Islam were not true.

I wanted to convert my faith.

I didn’t want to become a Muslim.

So, I decided to ask my parents for permission to study the Qur, but they didn’t let me.

I couldn’t find a mosque that I could pray at, so I turned to Christianity.

It was my only option.

But I knew I had to be careful.

Islam teaches that Muslims are not allowed to pray on Sundays or the holy days of the month.

If I didn`t follow that, I would be a hypocrite.

I started to doubt the Qur`an and Christianity.

I found out that I was actually the only person in the whole world who wasn’t following this.

Islam is a religion of peace, and it has a strong sense of justice.

And it also has a very strong sense that everyone should be treated equally, and that everyone has the right to be treated as a person.

In order to make this decision, I had some very personal conversations with my parents.

And then, I started reading the Bible.

And that’s when I was really able to make my decision.

I decided that I wanted Christianity.

When I started studying the Bible, I realized that I didn”t have any other choice.

I had no other choice, because the Qur”an teaches us that Jesus is the only one who can save us.

I needed to hear that Jesus was going to save me.

In other words, the Qur”.s message was so powerful that it could take me out of the Islamic world and make me a Christian.

And this is how I became a Christian!

It was at that moment that I found the courage to live as a Christian, which made me a believer.

I now have a Christian passport.

But at the same time, I still have doubts.

When you are young, you have doubts about everything.

You think, why are there so many Muslims in this country?

Why are they so bad?

I wanted answers, so my parents let me study Islam, but I wasn’t allowed to speak about it with my friends.

So when I finally came to the point that I had decided to become Christian, my parents allowed me to study Islam.

It is only now that I have a very positive outlook on Islam, which means that my life has changed a lot.

I can say that the Christian experience has really changed my life.

It has changed my way of thinking, and the way I treat other people, because I no longer fear to speak out.

And the biggest change has been my life itself.

I don’t have to worry about who I can trust anymore.

And, of course, the only thing I have to fear is the judgment of my parents and the religion I’m raised in.

That has been a huge change for me, because they can no longer be trusted.

I am a better person for having decided to live this way.