Which Religion is the Best in Australia?

The religious groups are clustered in different states and territories.

They are grouped according to their geographical area, and are also classified into six sub-groups.

They have been grouped into the top groups in the previous rankings, but they have been getting lower rankings.

The largest and most influential religious groups in Australia are Anglican, Baptist, Muslim, Jehovah’s Witness, Jewish and Unitarian Universalist.

In the past, they were grouped into four groups, but the latest rankings of these groups are based on population data.

The other five groups are the Presbyterian, Methodist, Presbyterian-led Anglican church, the Catholic church, Anglican and Methodist churches, and the Lutheran church.

The top group has a total population of almost 3.8 million people, while the other two groups are around a third that size.

The Catholic church has the largest number of members, with about 2.6 million.

The Muslim and Jehovah’s Witnesses have around 3.5 million members, and about 3.2 million followers.

The Unitarian and Presbyterian churches have around 1.8 and 1.4 million members respectively.

The Protestant and Catholic churches have about 1.1 and 1 million members each.

The Jewish churches have a total of 1.2 and 1 percent of the population.

There are about one and a half million Catholics in Australia.

The Anglican Church in Australia is the largest Anglican denomination.

The Christian church has more than 1.5 billion members.

Anglican churches have more than 40 million followers worldwide.

There is no single denomination that has the most members.

The United Methodist Church has about one million followers, while about 1 million Christians worldwide.

The Methodist Church is the second largest Christian denomination, with more than 4.2 billion members, followed by the United Church of Christ, with almost 3 billion members around the world.

The Baptist Church is at about 400,000 members, while there are more than 900,000 Jehovah’s witnesses.

There’s also no single religion with more followers than the Anglican community.

The Presbyterian Church has over one billion members worldwide, followed closely by the Lutheran Church.

There were more than 200,000 Unitarian Unions, and more than 100,000 Baptist Unions.

There have been no Unitarian, Methodist or Baptist churches in Australia since 1871.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the world’s largest Christian church.

There’re over 40 million members worldwide.

About 1.7 billion Christians are affiliated with the church.