Hillary Clinton says ‘we’re going to bring peace to this world’

A former Democratic presidential candidate said Thursday that she will speak out against a United Nations resolution calling on the world to end its use of torture, and is calling on her party to take a more hardline stance on Israel.

“I think that we have to come together and say we’re going on the offensive on torture, we’re not going to take the easy way out,” Hillary Clinton said at a forum at the Newseum in Washington.

“We’re going do something about the torture that’s going on in Guantanamo, we’ve got to be very, very firm with our friends in Israel, because it’s not only an Israeli issue, it’s a global issue,” Clinton added.

Clinton has made the issue of torture a central theme of her campaign, calling for a comprehensive overhaul of the U.N. body’s anti-torture policy and urging a “no more torture” stance.

Clinton’s comments came during a Q&A session with a panel of Jewish leaders and others from the Jewish community and Jewish organizations, the first time the former secretary of state has taken part in a forum to discuss her views on the issue.

Her comments are likely to be welcomed by some members of the Jewish establishment, who have long called for tougher language against Israel and the U., but have been wary of pushing the issue as a major factor in the 2016 presidential election.

Israel has repeatedly denied that it uses torture and has said it has not used it to extract information from detainees.

Israel’s ambassador to the U, Ron Dermer, told the New York Times in July that his country has no such practices.

Dermer said Israel had not tortured anyone in recent years and called for a change in the U.

“We don’t have any kind of torture that involves waterboarding, that involves simulated drowning,” Dermer said.

Derier’s comments are part of a larger campaign by U.S. lawmakers to push the Obama administration to take more aggressive steps against Israel.

Clinton, who is running for the Democratic presidential nomination, also said in the Q&am;t;A that she would not back a resolution calling for an end to U.C.I.A. detention camps, but she is expected to endorse a draft resolution that would call for an investigation into the treatment of detainees in U.K. prisons.

Dercher said he supports an independent inquiry, but did not mention a timeline for the investigation.

Clinton did not say whether she would support the resolution she has called for.

Clinton and other Democrats have been calling on Israel to end the practice of detaining people in Uyghur prisons.

Clinton says she supports the rights of Uyghanistan to self-determination, and that it is vital that the country has a free and independent press.

Derver, the ambassador, told Jewish leaders Thursday that Clinton would “stand up” against a resolution that called for the end of the practice.

He said the Uygha have been treated “very harshly” by the United States, but said the United Nations has “absolutely no power to dictate the conduct of the people in the region.”