When the war comes home | Russia to join NATO

Russia to Join NATO article The Russian government has announced it will join the United States and NATO for a joint military exercise, a move that would be a sign of increased cooperation between the two nations following their recent conflict in eastern Ukraine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday announced the Kremlin would participate in the joint military drills with the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates, saying the two countries were “ready to take the fight to the terrorists.”

“The exercise is an important milestone, because it means the Russian military has made a decision to join the alliance,” Putin said during a televised address.

“It is a great step forward in our joint fight against terrorism.”

Putin’s decision to formally join NATO comes as tensions between Moscow and the West have reached a new high following the downing of a Russian jet last week that killed all 224 people on board, including all 298 people on the ground.

Putin’s announcement comes a day after President Donald Trump said he will be sending warships to the waters off Syria’s coast to provide support for the United Nations-brokered ceasefire, which has been in place since August, to allow for the withdrawal of Syrian troops from the country.

Trump’s administration has said it will not use its military to support the Syrian government, but has said that Russia could assist the U.S. in its fight against ISIS.