What to know about Myanmar religion, myanmar religion

Religion in Myanmar is extremely diverse, but there are some common elements, according to a recent report from the Myanmar Human Rights Commission.

“Religion is an essential part of the social fabric and we need to promote religious tolerance,” the report said.

In Myanmar, the government does not recognise the country’s three official religions, but its various communities use their language and culture to identify themselves.

The report’s findings have not gone down well with religious groups.

“This is a huge violation of Myanmar’s constitution and the UN Charter and the law,” Rhee Seon-gyu, chairperson of the Buddhist-majority National Association of Buddhist Organisations, told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

Rhee said the government has not been able to tackle the root causes of the Rohingya crisis and said the report was biased towards the Rohingya.

The report has been criticised by human rights organisations, and it has not stopped there.

Human Rights Watch said it was deeply concerned by the report’s lack of rigour and lacked any real evidence that the Rohingya community suffered discrimination.

“We strongly condemn the failure of the Myanmar government to provide credible and timely data on the extent of religious discrimination against the Rohingya people in Myanmar,” the rights group said.