Why the ‘Sausage God’ has a cult following in the spaghetti religion

The Sausage GOD, the cult-like figure that’s been a staple of the spaghetti-themed religions for centuries, is back in the spotlight.

The cult’s website now boasts a picture of Jesus, a photo of Jesus eating spaghetti and a video showing Jesus telling a group of followers to “eat it like the real thing.”

Now, according to a new study published in the Journal of Religion and Health, the Sausages God is a real thing.

The study, which was conducted by the University of Michigan, involved nearly 2,500 people, including more than 500 adults.

The researchers analyzed a survey of over 1,000 Americans about the “Sausages GOD.”

According to the study, “people perceived the SAGE as a charismatic figure, and most did not think that it was a cult.”

In addition, only about 1 percent of respondents thought the SAGES “did not have any adherents,” and about 20 percent did not know if there were any cults based on the SAGS.

However, the researchers found that the Sages GOD was popular, and the majority of people were familiar with it.

According to The Huffington Post, people were asked about the Sage GODs ability to communicate with them, how he communicates with people, and how he can “make people eat his spaghetti.”

The SAGES GOD is also said to have a reputation for being able to communicate and understand people’s emotions.

The study found that people with positive and negative emotions reported that the god had been able to help them feel better.

“A significant portion of respondents (37%) reported that they could communicate with the SAME GOD over the phone and/or over Skype,” the study concluded.