How to celebrate Pentecostals in Turkey

The number of Pentecultal churches has doubled in the past decade in Turkey, raising concerns that they are becoming more popular in the Muslim majority country.

But the number of true believers is still smaller than it was a decade ago, as people are increasingly turning to worshiping the PentecOSTAT, or Pentecoints, instead of the True Religion.

“We don’t think they are being more active because they are doing the True religion,” said Ali Akbar, the head of a Penteculture Center in Istanbul that provides guidance to people seeking spiritual guidance.

“But they are coming for a very good reason.

They want to get married, to have children.”

The number of True believers in Turkey rose to nearly 1 million in the 1990s, according to the latest census, and more than 300,000 now worship.

But there are concerns that the number may be on the rise in recent years, and Pentecentricism is not the only denomination that is growing.

Many Christians, including Muslims, also consider True religion to be a spiritual and social path to God, and believe that it is more appropriate to be married to a Penteadom than to the True Church.