How to be a founding father: Trump’s father, Carl Icahn, dies at 81

Trump’s great-great-great grandfather, Carl A. Icahn was born in New York City on March 10, 1904.

He died in New Jersey on Monday, his grandson, Carl C. Icahns, told CNN.

Icashns family said his death was a private family matter.

Icawns son, John, and daughter-in-law, Ann Icahn and Sarah Icahn also announced their own deaths, but they were not publicly identified.

Icans father was Carl Icawson, the first chairman of the board of Icahn Enterprises.

His brother, Donald Jr., who became a senior White House adviser, was also a co-founder of Icawnings company.

Icaws family also said their father, who had a history of heart problems, died peacefully at home in New Brunswick, New Jersey, with his wife, Marjorie, and their three children, including their two youngest children.

Icahs wife, Maria, and son, David, were also among those to leave a private message on Twitter.

Icanyns father, the son of a real estate developer, had been hospitalized for a heart attack and died three weeks ago, his son said.

 The Icawts were among the first to make a fortune in the 1970s, when they bought a share in the then-shuttered Chicago Board of Trade, becoming the first family to own an entire financial company.

They were among several early investors in the now-defunct Wall Street investment bank Bear Stearns.

Icahn founded the private equity firm Icahn Capital and in the 1980s was one of the richest men in the world.

He made his fortune in commodities, building companies that would become part of the biggest financial crises of the 1990s.

Icann, who also owns the New York Post, is the richest man in the United States and the second-richest in the entire world, according to Forbes.

Icnahns fortune has grown since the financial crisis.

He is the largest individual investor in Twitter, a major player in and the largest owner of stock in the music streaming service Spotify.

Icancens wealth also includes a string of other companies.

Icavapedia, an online encyclopedia, which became the home for the alt-right movement, is owned by Icahn family.

Icns empire also includes the sports and entertainment company NBCUniversal.

Icathons family owns the cable television company DirecTV and its satellite TV company Charter.

Icayns fortune includes the global sports company Disney and the entertainment company DreamWorks.

Icahn is also a major shareholder in the sports radio company Sirius XM and the cable TV company Diretetv.

Icowas family owns many other companies, including the golfing company Trump National Golf Course, the media company Time Warner, the movie theater chain AMC, and the food chain Subway.

Icnahns family has contributed millions to politicians.

His fortune was also one of those that gave Trump a chance to become president.

Icna and Icahn together had the largest direct financial contribution of any single person in the presidential race, a financial disclosure form obtained by CNN shows.

The money was mostly used to finance his own campaigns, including those for governor of Pennsylvania, lieutenant governor of New Jersey and the state’s attorney general.

The Trump campaign and several Trump-linked entities gave money to several Republican congressional candidates, including New Jersey Governor Tom Wolf, who ran for a Senate seat in 2018.

Wolf said he didn’t receive any of the money.