Vietnam war veteran gets VA care

Vietnam war veteran David W. Nong has received care for PTSD from a VA facility in Houston and now has access to an ambulance.

He says he’s thankful for the care and wants to help others.

Nog said he’s also grateful for the VA’s decision to cover the $500 a day his medical bills.

The veteran has a heart condition that requires ventilators, but VA medical director John S. DeWitt Jr. says that the service provider has given him the support he needs.

The VA has reimbursed him $250 for a heart monitor, which is a first for a veteran.

He said the VA also helped him get his VA card so he can access his benefits and get his prosthetic.

DeVos says the VA has not received any complaints about the treatment he received at VA Houston or about other veterans.

He also says he was told the VA will continue to provide care for veterans who have been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder.

DeBoeuf says the service has a policy that will cover all veterans who require care, including the $5,000 a day he says he is receiving for his heart monitor.

DeNovo says he hopes other veterans can have the same access.

We will continue providing support to those who have suffered a traumatic event like this.