Bulgaria wants to give a ‘tough slap’ to Muslims

Bulgaria is mulling over the possibility of revoking citizenship from anyone who uses the word ‘Allah’ in a public place.

In a letter to parliament, the government said the government was considering the possibility to revoke citizenship of those who use the word “Allah” in a social gathering, regardless of whether they were born or not.

“This would be a tough slap to take against those who violate the law by using this word,” Interior Minister Valentin Leshchenko said in the letter, which was seen by the Reuters news agency.

“If they use this word, they have violated the law.”

“If it is deemed that the person who uses it, has not been born a Bulgarian citizen, the citizenship is revoked,” he added.

“In this case, we are considering that the decision to revoke the citizenship will be taken at the request of the Bulgarian authorities.”

The government is currently debating a bill to amend the Citizenship Act, which is currently under discussion, to make it easier for foreign nationals to renounce their citizenship.