How to get your own, non-Christian, science and religion podcast from an atheist podcast

TechCrunch is reporting that a new atheist podcast is launching today.

The new show, called The Science and Religion Podcast, is a new non-profit venture aimed at bridging the gap between secular and religious podcasting.

The team behind the show is looking for “a team with a strong scientific background and a strong understanding of how to create podcasts that are scientifically based, balanced, and that are not biased.”

The team has already produced a number of successful podcasts, including Science, The Science of the Universe, and Science Is Religion.

The show has also been receiving some positive attention from mainstream media outlets, including The New York Times, Slate, and CNN.

But this is the first time we’ve heard about The Science And Religion Podcast.

The network is seeking to be a platform for science and religious conversation, as well as a place for atheists to “learn and explore their faith and the faith of others.”

The new venture was named after a science teacher at a Catholic school who discovered the podcasting platform.

The Science & Religion Podcast will be launched at 10 a.m.

EST on December 7, with an interview and special guests each day.

“The Science and Religions Podcast is dedicated to bringing science and spirituality into the lives of all of us and to promoting the best and most relevant research and research findings on the human experience,” the website reads.

“We want to give people access to the latest research, insights, and discoveries that may help shape our own lives.”

The Science is Religion podcast is one of several new atheist podcasts launched today, including a podcast called A.S.R.S., The Science Of The Universe, which was launched earlier this month, and the new Science Is Faith podcast, which is a podcast aimed at bringing science to faith.

The latter show is the only new atheist radio show.