Atheist ‘in a religious war’ over Supreme Court nomination

By KEVIN MCDONALD article It’s been two weeks since a man from Brisbane, Australia, named Elon Musk as the next Supreme Court justice, but he has already sparked a fierce debate on religion.

The Federal Government has already put forward its nominee, and while many are now calling for Mr Musk to be allowed to become the next justice, others are urging him to withdraw.

The Australian Federal Court has already ruled that Mr Musk is entitled to the full bench of the Supreme Court and he has not yet decided whether to seek leave to appeal that decision, but the Federal Government is still hopeful that Mr Trump will grant Mr Musk a seat on the bench.

Mr Musk’s name has been attached to the Supreme Committee of the Federal Court for a year.

His supporters have long argued that the name of the US president is a sign of his allegiance to the United States of America and that he is an American citizen, which is protected under the Constitution of the United Kingdom.

However, Mr Musk’s opponents argue that his name is a symbol of his alleged anti-Muslim bias and a racist, sexist, homophobic and transphobic campaign.

In its submission to the Federal Parliament, the National Secular Society said Mr Musk was “the embodiment of the ideology of anti-intellectualism, a reactionary religious right, and a xenophobic, anti-immigrant, racist and misogynist political party”.

“Mr Musk is not a conservative; he is not an individualist; he wants to make a fortune and live off the work of others.

He is the antithesis of conservatism and the antithetical of democracy,” the group wrote.”

His ideas, his words, his actions and his actions alone make him a threat to the constitutional rights of all Australians.”

Mr Trump’s recent appointment of Judge Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court is a direct threat to Australia’s constitutional rights and our national identity.

“The court’s confirmation of Judge Gorsuch is an act of terror on our national sovereignty and it is our responsibility to stand up to it.”

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