Azerbaijan’s President says his country has no faith in God

BAGHDAD — Baku, Azerbaijan’s second-most populous country, is the country’s most religious country and its most religiously conservative, according to a new Gallup poll.

The country is home to more than 20,000 Christian and Muslim denominations, and its churches have been regularly vandalized and vandalized during years of war between the West and the Islamic Republic.

Baghdad, Iran and Turkey are the main other religions in the country.

But for Azerbaijan, the main faith is Christianity, according the Gallup poll, conducted in April.

Its religious beliefs are divided along ethnic lines, with Azerbaijanis belonging to Turkic, Armenian and Christian groups and Muslims, Christians and Jews.

Azerbaijan is a country that has been under the influence of Islamic law for centuries, and many of its citizens are Muslim.

“Our country is not under any kind of threat from outside,” Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev told the Gallup survey.

We don’t have a single religion.

Islam is the main religion, but we don’t follow any religion, according Aliyeva.

There are no Christians or Jews in Azerbaijan, Aliyeta said.

Muslims, who make up almost half of Azerbaijan’s population, make up about one-third of the population.