How to Wear Afghan Religion T-Shirt

T-shirts are becoming increasingly popular among Afghans who have returned home after fighting in the war, but not everyone is happy with the way they’re being worn.

Afghanistan’s religious leader, Mullah Mohammad Omar, has banned T-shirt-wearing, calling it a breach of Islam and a deviation from the Islamic teachings of Islam.

He said that wearing a T- shirt or hat in the presence of other people is prohibited.

“There is a general opinion that T- shirts should be worn, and I think it is wrong,” he said in an interview with a news channel.

The Taliban and the government, however, have not ruled out wearing the hats.

“We have not banned the wearing of hats.

We have asked the government not to prohibit the wearing and we will ask them not to ban the wearing,” said Afghan Deputy Interior Minister Abdul Rashid, who is in charge of the security forces.

Afghans wear traditional Islamic headscarves, but many others are using head coverings that cover their heads.

The Taliban, who have killed thousands of Afghans, say they wear burkas to hide their identities.