When Europe gets religion nail supplier

Religion nail supply is booming.

The European Union’s largest economy is in the midst of a religious revolution, with many cities now offering a wide variety of nail care products, from nail polish removers to nail adhesive.

But how do nail polish and nail adhesive products stack up against the competition?

And how will nail polish make its way to the shelves of Europe’s other booming economies?

Read more: In the Netherlands, where nail polish is a staple, nail supply chain manager, Johan Van Nieuwenhuizen, is confident that the nail supply industry is on the upswing.

“It is very different from the other sectors where you can buy something online or at the drug store,” he said.

“In the nail polish business, you have to buy nail polish yourself.

There are different brands of nail polish.

People in the Netherlands are not like people in the US.

You have to pay a lot for nail polish, and you also have to have a lot of patience with it.

People here are used to getting nail polish by the foot.”

Dutch companies have a number of products on their shelves, including nail polish extract and nail polish wipes.

But it is the nail nail oil and nail gel products that have captured the eye of the nail salon owner.

“The nail oil is a really strong competitor.

There is a lot more variety, because there are so many different brands out there,” said Johan.

“People here have seen the success of nail products on the market and they like to try them.

They like the freshness, the fresh taste, the smell.”

The Dutch government’s new national brand initiative, known as the National Brand Programme, will allow for the purchase of nail product directly from nail salon owners.

“We’re going to be introducing nail polish in our supermarkets and in our stores, and there will be a range of different products,” Johan said.

For now, the nail store owner in the Amsterdam suburb of Wijmestorp is waiting for the next nail polish craze.

“Nail polish is such a big deal in the country.

It is something that everybody wants,” he added.

“I think we will have nail polish on the shelves for a long time to come.”

Source: Al Jazeera English