Afghan religion, mughal Empire religion, new religion

Afghan religion is a mix of Islam and Hinduism, and is considered the second most popular religion after Islam, after Christianity.

Religion is also considered a pillar of the countrys economy.

It is practiced by about 10% of the population.

Islam is the second largest religion in Afghanistan, followed by Hinduism.

Afghanistan is a Muslim country.

The majority of the Afghans are Muslim, but there are many other minority religions in the country, including Christian and Sikh.

Afghans traditionally practice their religion with a mixture of rituals and traditional religious practices, and there are a few temples that are dedicated to different religions.

Most religions are practised in small towns or villages, and in many cases, their temples are often under the protection of local authorities.

There are many places in Afghanistan where people pray in the open, and this is a practice that is not only a cultural tradition but also one that is supported by the state.

Many people still regard the Taliban as the “true” Islamic state.

There is a fear that this will spread to other Muslim minority groups.

However, it has been difficult for the Taliban to control the movement of people within the country.

Some religious leaders have also questioned the existence of the Taliban, and many people are worried that the movement could spread to their communities.

The Taliban’s ideology, which was first created by Osama bin Laden, is a hardline interpretation of Islam that is extremely violent.

The Taliban has claimed responsibility for many terrorist attacks around the world, including the 2009 attack in Mumbai, in which 86 people were killed.

However it has denied responsibility for the Mumbai attacks.

The group is also known for using child soldiers and kidnapping of foreigners.