When God gave us a new religion

A New York-based Christian group called “Bill Gates and His Church” is raising money to pay for a wedding for a former churchgoer in India who was forced to renounce her Hindu faith in 2009.

The wedding, planned for April 30, will take place in New Delhi, and the couple will wear white and green robes and a traditional dress.

The ceremony will be held in a temple and will include an immersion, with the bride performing the traditional Hindu mantras and reciting a blessing.

The money raised by the wedding will also pay for the cost of the wedding itself, according to the invitation sent to supporters.

“Bill and I have always wanted to marry and have children.

We’ve both always been attracted to this religion, and we are so excited to bring this event to you,” Gates wrote on his Facebook page, adding that he had met the bride and their children while visiting India.

The couple, who both have children, did not immediately respond to messages seeking comment.

The bride and her children are in their early 30s, according the invitation.

They live in the city of Bangalore and are looking forward to spending time together.

Gates wrote that the bride will be accompanied by her husband, and that they will be together for several weeks, “just the two of us.”

The couple will be celebrating their wedding in the United States, and Gates is expected to deliver the vows at the ceremony.

The invitation did not mention whether Gates would also be attending.

The former church member, who said she was a virgin at the time of the renunciation, said she planned to wear white robes and perform the mantras of the Hindu god Shiva in the ceremony as well.

Gates did not respond to a request for comment from Newsweek.

“I’m a proud Indian American and I love India, so this is a very big day for me,” she told The Associated Press by phone.

“It’s a big day because I have been an Indian American all my life.

I’m not a religious person.

But I’m also a Christian.

I want to give back and I want the world to know that we are a family.”