Tom Cruise joins the #bachelorett religion

A new religion has been added to Tom Cruise’s list of friends, with the actor joining the #Bacheloretts.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Cruise, who was the first-ever bachelor to marry his fiancee, Amber Heard, has joined the exclusive religion, “The Bible Club,” according to the official website.

The group is known for its exclusive bible clubs.

The religion, which has its roots in the bible clubs of the early 1900s, has been around for a decade.

Cruise’s co-star, Jennifer Lopez, is the only woman on the roster, according to TMZ.

The church, which is also known for being a bible club, has more than 50 members.

In addition to Cruise, members include the rapper J. Cole, actress Miley Cyrus, and the singer-actress Lily Allen.

The first #bachelor #biblical club was created in 1997 by the founder of The Bible Club, and it was launched in the U.K. and Ireland.

It was launched with a focus on the Bible, according the website.

In 2018, the group moved to the U., and it now boasts more than 150 members.

According to the website, the bible club is one of the “best bible clubs in the world,” and its members are “a growing part of the evangelical community.”

“The Bible is not only the foundation for the Bible Club’s philosophy but also one of its most sacred books,” the website says.

“Our philosophy is simple: The Bible is God’s word, and if you study and love the Bible you will be rewarded with blessings to be experienced by others.”

The Bible club, founded by a group of evangelical pastors in the 1980s, is run by “Christian brothers and sisters,” according the organization’s website.

Members also receive the Bible at the church and have access to an “exclusive Bible Club Bible Study Group” which allows them to read and study the bible and other books on their own time.

The website says the bible can be found at a number of locations including the church’s chapel and an office building in the neighborhood.