How to understand and accept the Islamic faith

An Islamic school in Italy is planning to offer a new class of young Muslim students a lesson in Islam as they try to grasp its core beliefs.

The new course will be taught by a young Italian-born teacher who has studied the teachings of the Prophet Mohammed and his companions and was previously a professor at a local university.

The Islamic school, called the Islamic Academy for the Advancement of Learning, is scheduled to start this month at the al-Bab mosque in Florence.

It is being run by a group of young students who want to become the next generation of Islamic leaders.

The school is a response to the rising numbers of radicalized Muslims who have come to Europe from countries including Egypt, Iraq, Syria and Morocco.

The program is part of an effort to address the issue of Muslim youth’s growing religiosity, and some of the students have even said they plan to become suicide bombers.

According to a report in the Italian newspaper La Repubblica, the program will be designed for young Muslims, but not necessarily religious.

Some of the new students will learn about the Prophet Muhammad, but they will also learn about other Islamic leaders, including Hanafi and Shafi’i Muslim scholars.

One of the classes will focus on the Prophet’s teaching, including his teaching of the life of the prophet, his relationship with his companions, and the afterlife.

Another course will teach about the Quran and how it relates to current events.

The curriculum is expected to be available to the students in January, according to the report.

La Repubbly said that the school has not yet decided whether it will accept students, and if so, how many.

“We’re open to the idea of accepting new students and we are considering how many we’ll accept,” a spokesman for the school told the newspaper.

The new Islamic Academy is a project of the Islamic Association for Italy, which represents about 200 Muslim groups.