How to make a beanie in less than three minutes

A beanie that doesn’t have a tie can look like a classic 1950s-style cowboy hat, but it’s actually just one of many hats that have sprung up since the American Civil War.

The hat, which is made by the American military, has a simple, black, leather base, which resembles the headband worn by a soldier.

The hat has a strap on the top that you can use to attach your tie.

You can also wear the beanie as a cap or wrap around your neck.

The beanie was designed by military veterans of the Revolutionary War who were seeking to protect their families and friends during the Civil War, according to a new Smithsonian article.

It is currently sold at specialty stores in the US for $20 to $40.

The article says it was inspired by a pair of hats worn by the men in the army who protected the family and friends of their families during the war.

The soldiers wore their hats with the traditional Confederate regalia and wore the hat on their hats to show their support for their country.

The soldiers were not wearing their hats when they went on their way, the article said.